Please mark your calendars with the following dates.

Holiday Gala/Installation

  • December 7, 2019 – Saturday – Santa Lucia River Club, Port St. Lucie

Board Meetings - Board Meetings take place at the SLC Chamber of Commerce Office on the third Wednesday of the month. These dates could change if there are conflicts with other events or it is determined that there is no need for a meeting.

  • January 15 - St Lucie County Chamber of Commerce
  • February 19 - St Lucie County Chamber of Commerce
  • March 18 - Host City Needed
  • April 15 - St Lucie County Chamber of Commerce
  • May 20 - Host City Needed
  • June 17 - St. Lucie County Chamber of Commerce
  • July - No regular meeting – Lunch in Okeechobee
  • August 19 - If needed
  • September 16 - St Lucie County Chamber of Commerce
  • October 21 - Host City Needed
  • November 18 - St Lucie County Chamber of Commerce
  • December - No regular meeting

Membership Meetings - Membership Meetings take place the third Wednesday of the month’s below and location is to be determined. All elected officials and staff are invited.

  • February 19 - Location to be Announced
  • May 20 - Location to be Announced
  • July 15 - Joint with Treasure Coast Council of Local Governments - Okeechobee BBQ
  • August - FLC Breakfast - Orlando - Dates to be announced
  • October 21 - Location to be Announced
  • December - Date and time for 2020 to be determined.

Classes/Seminars - Watch for Future Notifications

  • April - Ethics Class - Date and location to be announced.

Executive Board Meetings - These meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, however, only held if needed. The Executive Director will notify you if she needs a meeting, but please keep the dates open on your calendar. The time is 5: 30 pm and location is determined at the time the meeting is called.  If you are on the Executive Board, (Past President, President, 1st and 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer).

Treasure Coast Regional League of Cities
2020 Calendar of Meetings and Events