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Online Petition

 I Believe:

  • Florida is a great state;
  • That our communities have different and diverse needs; there is no cookie cutter town or city, they are all different;
  • That local government governs best because it's closest to the people and accountable to taxpayers; 
  • That my city, town or village should make decisions that affect me, every day, in my community, so long as those decisions do not violate state or federal laws; 
  • That my city should not be expected to bear the financial burden of state and federal unfunded mandates;
  • That my town's taxpayers should be in charge of our own budgets, planning and zoning regulations, elections and municipal services in our own communities;
  • That Home Rule, the right of local taxpayers to decide their own destiny, should remain strong in the Florida Constitution;  

If you share that belief, sign the petition to strengthen home rule in the Sunshine State.